Keeping up with a constant and important stream of data from people, sensors, and devices is a hectic task. Imagine handling a big business market in addition. This is a mission impossible that is both challenging and time-consuming.

A technology that can both manage and put the stream of data to work is of high importance. Introducing the concept of classification and data management in IBM Maximo.

Classification provides a detailed, hierarchical structure of attributes. It facilitates selection, preventive maintenance, purchase, and other critical asset management functionalities.

As a business owner, you need to consider implementing classification. It will increase technician time wrench, improve data accuracy and integrity, create a searchable and sortable item-master catalog and asset registrar. It will save time and effort related to finding parts.

This is where Maximo Data Load and Management come in handy. It manages the stream of credentials and put it into good use. This offers the user insights from enhanced analytics to make better decisions. It also provides data classification.

The user can group and identify similar objects such as locations, assets, items, sales orders, and work orders. The user can use classifications to search for records, retrieve information, and report activities easily.

An important portion of the consumers finds/seek refuge in mainstream traditional data management such as Excel. They need/desire to work with pieces of information in a spreadsheet format because of the usability of applications such as Excel. However, it is a lengthy process ad does not provide easy access or classification of the assets or items in question.

MAXLS offers its users an easy alternative without the need to adjust to the use of Maximo data load and classification. It enables the customer to utilize Excel by an easy process of copy-paste from Maximo to Excel and vice-versa. MAXLS is a tool within Maximo that offers super-users and end-users the ability to easily manage their specifics without the need to access an inefficient outside application or use complicated menu/dialog box functions. It offers a unique solution to manage the data. Being an embedded spreadsheet makes it the perfect solution for data management. As a result, users can work on their business data in Excel and then use the copy & paste function for mass information import to Maximo from Excel.