Adding a new site to your Maximo is a challenging task. You will have to load an important stream of data in a limited time range.

Knowing that efficiency and time saving are essentials for our industry; introducing a solution that saves time and is cost-efficient is of great importance.

This is where MAXLS data management is proven to be the most beneficial. It is a dynamic spreadsheet interface. MAXLS is an integrated and fully embedded functional tab within Maximo.

It enables you to load the needed data as well as monitoring the process in real-time whilst detecting any defect in your information. With MAXLS, you can easily access and check the data in the system.

Prefer to Do Your Data Editing in Excel?

By a simple copy-paste action, you can transfer your data from Excel to Maximo and vice versa. The job is done while avoiding the long process.

In an age when time is money, you are saving money, avoiding work delays caused by long operations and guarantee the improvement of data accuracy and integrity.